Georgians are vomiting and seeing double after taking horse de-wormer

The misuse of an anti-parasite drug to treat or prevent Covid has spiked in recent weeks, leading to increased calls to poison centers. The CDC issued a health advisory Thursday warning doctors and the public about the use of ivermectin to treat the virus. The drug, used for roundworm infections and the mostly tropical

Tom the turkey strikes again

Tom the turkey had another run-in with Kennesaw law-enforcement yesterday. This time the feathered tormenter of the police department was spotted on top of an SUV. Below is the report from Kennesaw Police officers as shared on social media. Today we received

Kennesaw police tussle with turkey twice in one month

The saga of the Kennesaw Police Department and Tom the Turkey added a new chapter Thursday, when the rebellious fowl showed up in a Kennesaw neighborhood. Kennesaw police first encountered Tom on Jan. 21, when he was caught holding up traffic on

Coronavirus doesn’t stop Georgians from buying lottery tickets

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t stopping the Georgia Lottery. In fact, the lottery posted its highest sales week of the year from April 26 through May 2, Brad Bohannon, the Georgia Lottery Corp.’s vice president for government relations, told members of the Georgia

5 Strangest things that happened in Georgia in 2019

For those who live here, the Peach State is known for its characters, Southern charm, and quirks. It is also known for its fair share of strange news stories. Below is a roundup of some of this year’s oddest headlines. Proving a

Dunwoody Police Prepare for Polar Plunge

Some Dunwoody police officers are preparing themselves for the annual spectacle of the Polar Plunge. For those who may be unfamiliar, the Polar Plunge is an event — usually held for a charity — where participants throw themselves into a body of

5 of the strangest things that happened in Georgia in 2018

The Cows Are Coming Home… on the Interstate Why did the cow cross the road? To Git to the Chikin, maybe? On three separate occasions in 2018, cows got loose on Atlanta’s interstates. Atlantans were asking “who let the cows out” in

Gyrocopter crashes in Gordon County

Sheriff’s deputies in Gordon County were dispatched to private property in a rural area near McDaniel Station/Darby Road in southern Gordon County Friday night in response to a report of an aircraft accident. When deputies arrived they discovered the wreckage of a