About The Georgia Sun

About The Georgia Sun
"Seeing Savannah, Georgia" by tvdflickr is licensed under CC BY

This website is about you and the state you love.

What We Are: The Georgia Sun is an independent news and infotainment website devoted to all things Georgia. We believe the news doesn’t have to be stuffy and staying informed need not be boring. Here you will find a casual take on the news and important issues of the day, broken down into an easy to digest format.

This website is all about The Peach State, its people, its places, its happenings, and its continuing story. Whether you’re a newcomer or a Georgia native, you can find something new  to learn about here.

What We Are Not: We are not a traditional media outlet and we are not a newspaper. While our name sounds like a newspaper, we do not now nor have we ever had a print edition. Here you will find a fresh take on the news. We do not cater to traditional news audiences and we don’t do the things that traditional news outlets do. We do not have paywalls, e-editions, or subscriptions.

It’s Free?: We provide news that is free for you to read. Our website is ad supported because something has to pay the bills in order to provide free news to our audience. We may occasionally ask for contributions to support our work, but it is not required, there are no commitments, and you do not have to pay to read news. Even our email newsletters are completely free.

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