Traffic improvements near Perimeter Mall could ease commute times

June 28, 2021
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Two transportation projects designed to improve traffic flow in the Perimeter Market near I-285 were recently completed, according to the Central DeKalb Perimeter Improvement District. In February, the PCID Board approved $268,400 in funding for the projects, located in Dunwoody and Brookhaven. Construction began in March.

“The PCIDs are thankful for the always-positive working relationships with the Cities of Dunwoody and Brookhaven. As employees re-enter the Perimeter market after so many months of working from home during COVID, they are coming back to a more efficient experience thanks to these two intersection projects. We look forward to many more years of continued partnership,“ said Ann Hanlon, PCID Executive Director.

The Dunwoody project extends the westbound left-turn lane from Perimeter Center West to Perimeter Center Parkway to allow vehicles to move through the intersection more efficiently. The lane was extended by 200 feet.

“As traffic picks up in the area with more employees returning to Perimeter offices, drivers will enjoy some relief from the turn-lane bottleneck identified on Perimeter Center West during pre-COVID times,” said Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch. “We’re grateful for PCID’s teamwork and regional perspective regarding transportation challenges in the Perimeter.”

“We’re trying to plan for the future with this project,” said Hanlon. “More people will be making this left turn five years from now than there are today because of what’s happening south of this intersection. The development of State Farm, Twelve24 and the new Hyatt Place hotel create more destinations on the south side.”

On the other side of the interstate, the Brookhaven project focused on Perimeter Summit Parkway at Ashford Dunwoody Road, which also features a turn lane extension. The left-turn lane was extended approximately 250′ to create additional storage capacity to turn left from westbound Perimeter Summit Parkway onto northbound Ashford Dunwoody Road.

“I applaud the PCID for their participation in long term traffic solutions which transcend municipal boundaries and improve the one thing all of us have in common: the north metro commute,” said Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst.

Both capital works projects are in line with the PCIDs Master Plan. The work was completed in coordination with the cities, but the design and construction costs were fully funded by the PCIDs.

The PCID consists of Perimeter commercial property owners that pay additional property taxes to help enhance transportation infrastructure and quality of life improvements for businesses, employees, residents, and visitors in the Perimeter market.

Photos: Provided by Acres Studios.

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