Warnock introduces bill that could lower costs during inflation

March 16, 2022
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Warnock introduces bill that could lower costs during inflation

U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock, who is a member of the Senate commerce committee, introduced the Relief for Families Act, which would give states and localities in Georgia and across the country the flexibility to use dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act to offset tax revenue lost from a temporary sales tax holiday on essential items.

Essential items that could be included in this sales tax holiday include clothing or footwear, food, diapers, prescription and over-the-counter medicine, feminine hygiene products, items used to prepare for natural disasters and weather emergencies, school supplies, energy-efficient appliances and more.

Georgia received $8.35 billion in total from the American Rescue Plan, with $4.85 billion going to the state of Georgia, $2.07 billion going to counties, and over $1.43 billion going to municipalities.

“I hear from Georgians every day that they’re hurting. Basic essentials like groceries, clothing and medicine are more expensive than ever,” said Warnock. “It’s getting harder to raise a family and make ends meet. That’s why today, I’m introducing the Relief for Families Act to help folks feeling squeezed by rising costs.” 

Senator Warnock has championed lowering costs for Georgians during his first year in the Senate. He’s introduced legislation to cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month and limit the cost of prescription drugs to $3,000 a person or $6,000 a family per year.

The Senator also introduced legislation to lower the cost of gas by waiving the federal gas tax into next year and successfully lobbied the White House to investigate apparentprice gouging by shipping carriers.  

This legislation is endorsed by the National Retail Federation. 

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