Suspect in shooting in MARTA parking lot arrested

Suspect in shooting in MARTA parking lot arrested


The MARTA Police Department arrested a suspect wanted for shooting a rifle in the parking lot at Inman Park Station on the evening of Monday, Aug. 8. 

The MARTA Police Criminal Investigations Unit, Special Operations Response Team and Tactical Field Officers took 21-year-old Alim Bridges into custody on Thursday at H.E. Holmes Station.  

“MARTA has an extensive network of cameras throughout the system and a near perfect record of apprehending suspects by our officers. We will always work to hold violators accountable for their actions,” MARTA Police Chief Scott Kreher said

Bridges was charged with two counts of reckless conduct and discharging a firearm or pistol near a public highway or street.

Suspect in shooting in MARTA parking lot arrested

⚠️ Reminder: Crime articles contain only charges and information from police reports and law enforcement statements. Suspects and defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

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