It could get easier to operate a food truck in Georgia

Craft Beer & Food Truck - Pontevedra 2019
Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash

Proponents say legislation approved by the Georgia House would streamline the regulatory process for food trucks and could save business owners thousands of dollars a year.

House Bill 1443 effectively would create a statewide permitting process for food trucks. Under the legislation, food truck operators could use the permit they obtain in the county they operate in other counties.

The House voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of the proposal.

“Georgia’s current state code regulating where food trucks can operate is anti-competitive and stifles the growth and success of small business owners,” James Alvarado, grassroots engagement director for The LIBRE Initiative-Georgia, said in a statement earlier this month. “Reducing the burdensome over-regulation of mobile food service establishments should be a top priority for Georgia’s legislature, so more small business owners can meet consumer demands.”

According to Americans for Prosperity-Georgia, permit costs vary by county but average about $500 a permit. A full-time operator might operate in 20 or more counties, potentially totaling tens of thousands of dollars and reducing the time needed to complete paperwork and other administrative tasks.

“[Tuesday’s] bipartisan action by the House puts us a step closer to removing barriers to opportunity and making it easier for Georgians to open their own small businesses,” AFP-GA Deputy State Director Tony West said in a statement. “HB 1443 will cut unnecessary red tape, eliminate duplicative fees, and create a streamlined process for food truck owners. AFP encourages the Senate to quickly pass this legislation and send it to the governor’s desk.”

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