Vernon Jones is running against Brian Kemp in governor’s race

April 15, 2021
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Vernon Jones is running against Brian Kemp in governor's race

Former DeKalb CEO and lawmaker Vernon Jones says he is running against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in the Republican primary for governor.

Jones, who has always run and been elected as a Democrat, changed parties in January and endorsed President Donald Trump last year, even speaking at the Republican convention.

Jones’ gubernatorial bid does not come as a surprise. In late March, Jones sent a scathing statement about Kemp that many political pundits viewed as the opening shot in the former CEO of DeKalb County’s run for governor.

“If I were Governor, Donald Trump would still be President of the United States and the Republican Party would still control the US Senate,” Jones said in his statement. “His lack of leadership cost us the Presidency and the Senate. While he was on the sidelines, I was on the frontlines, crisscrossing Georgia & the country on behalf of President Trump.”

Jones will officially announce his bid for governor tomorrow morning during a news conference at the Georgia State Capitol.

Kemp has come under fire from his fellow Republicans for his support of the 2016 election results in Georgia and his opposition to Trump’s attempts to overturn the election in Georgia. Kemp was largely elected due to Trump’s endorsement in 2018.

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