The Georgia State Capitol is getting a new lactation pod for nursing mothers

Georgia Capitol Building in Atlanta, Georgia built 1885-1889.

ATLANTA — Nursing mothers who work at Georgia’s state capitol will be getting a new lactation pod this week.

The pod, made by Mamava, will allow mothers a private and sanitary place to nurse or pump.

Mamava is a female-owned company headquartered in Vermont that manufactures all of its lactation pods in America.

The pod’s access is controlled by an app and is secure from the inside. Some of the features include two benches, multiple outlets and USB ports, ceiling fans and occupancy-activated lighting.

While the pod is primarily intended for the needs of employees, members of the public are invited to use the pod as well.

Senate President Pro Tempore Butch Miller, Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones and Senate Majority Leader Mike Dugan will unveil the new lactation pod Thursday.

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