Where Are People Moving to Georgia From?

Where Are People Moving to Georgia From?


Relocation tech company moveBuddha released their latest 2022 state migration report highlighting the latest moving trends in Georgia. The report digs deep into moveBuddha’s data on all things Georgia – which states are fueling moves in and the cities most popular to move to (and even which are seeing major exits). 

Georgia has been in the spotlight for drawing in major moves over the last few years, transforming the state’s demographic profile. The 2022 data confirms the inflow of moves into the state from out continues. 

2020: 121  moves into Georgia for every 100 out
2021: 121 moves into Georgia for every 100 out
2022: 123 moves into Georgia  for every 100 out 

This year, the top states fueling out of state moves into Georgia — California, Florida, New York, and Texas — collectively account for roughly a third of inflow.

You can check out the full report here: Georgia is Just Peachy: The moveBuddha 2021-2022 Georgia Migration Report

So which cities are feeling the weight of new moves in the most (or seeing more headed out)? 

  • When in #1 Rome, GA: This is the top city in the state for inflow in 2022. The moveBuddha data shows Rome has 274 moves in for every 100 moves out.
  • Other popular cities to move to include #2 McRae-Helena (242 to 100, and most affordable of the top cities to move to), #3 Gainesville (190 to 100), #4 Saint Marys (187 to 100), and #5 Douglasville (183 to 100).
  • What about Atlanta? Atlanta is ranked #12 in the nation as most popular urban area to move to in 2022. This year, data shows moves into the city are primarily coming from Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York.
  • Exit cities: Meanwhile, Atlanta suburbs Tucker (50 to 100) and Lilburn (52 to 100) are seeing the highest ratios of outflow — both areas are seeing about twice as many moves out as in.

Methodology Note: The 2022 data comes directly from moveBuddha and was collected from Jan 1 through November 8, 2022. The city-based data is limited to Georgia cities with at least 25 inbound and outbound queries, we highlight the 62 most searched Georgia cities nationwide based on our analysis of 354,775 queries.

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