Former Georgia First Lady Betty Foy Sanders dies at 95


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp confirmed Sunday that former Georgia First Lady Betty Foy Sanders died. She was 95 years old.

Sanders was the wife of Georgia’s 74th Governor Carl Sanders.

“With her sharp wit, class, and famous sense of humor, she was the epitome of a southern woman. During her years as first lady and during her long and fulfilling life afterwards, she was devoted to beautifying our state, preserving Georgia’s proud history, and helping students of the arts further their education and talents,” Kemp said.

Sanders was an accomplished artist, who is the namesake of Georgia Southern University’s art school and she helped design the governor’s mansion.

“As we mourn with her family and loved ones, we also thank God for her service, her life of contributions to her fellow Georgians, and the shining example she set for so many others,” Kemp said.