Here are the Dunwoody streets that will be repaved in 2023

April 12, 2023
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The Gist: Dunwoody kicks off its 2023 Street Resurfacing Plan this month, aiming to repave 33 streets and 7 lane miles despite a 50% increase in asphalt costs over the last three years.

What Happened?: The city has contracted with Blount Construction to carry out the 2023 Street Resurfacing Plan, funded by $2,750,000 in SPLOST funds and a $450,066 grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

By The Numbers:

  • 33 streets to be repaved
  • 7 lane miles of pavement
  • $2,750,000 in SPLOST funds
  • $450,066 from Georgia Department of Transportation

Streets being repaved this year:

  • Bogans Lake Path
  • Buckley Court
  • Chestnut Forest Court
  • Chestnut Forest Lane
  • Delverton Court
  • Devonshire Court
  • Delverton Drive
  • Dunwoody Club Drive
  • Ellisbury Drive
  • Fontainebleau Drive
  • Goodchild Court
  • Kim Place
  • Kings Point Court
  • Lytham Court
  • North Springs Drive
  • Old Orchard Court
  • Orleans Drive
  • Oxford Chase Way
  • Poppleford Lane
  • Redcliff Court
  • Redcliff Way
  • Renfroe Lake Drive
  • Riverglenn Circle
  • Rochelle Drive
  • Rotherham Way
  • Sheridan Lane
  • Stonehouse Court
  • Village Springs Place
  • William Court
  • Winterbourne Court
  • Winters Chapel Road
  • Wood Hollow Drive
  • Chadwell Lane
  • Leisure Lake Drive

Why It Matters: This plan is part of a 20-year paving cycle initiated when Dunwoody became a city in 2008. In its 14th year, the city has paved 230 lane miles since incorporation, prioritizing roads with the greatest maintenance needs.

What’s Next?: A new citywide pavement assessment has been approved, using an instrumented van to measure ride roughness and cracks, providing 360-degree images of the roadway. The data will be used to develop a pavement condition index score, helping to determine future resurfacing priorities.

For the full list of streets to be resurfaced and updates on work schedules, visit the City of Dunwoody’s website:

About Dunwoody: Located in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Dunwoody has a population of nearly 49,000 residents. In terms of education, 94% of adults have completed high school, while 66% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. The city’s median household income stands at approximately $82,000, representative of the community’s economic conditions.

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