Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens halts any redevelopment at Atlanta Medical Center

September 26, 2022
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The Scoop: Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens wants to stop any future redevelopment of Atlanta Medical Center in its tracks before Wellstar closes the hospital next month. To that end, the mayor issued an executive order calling for a temporary moratorium on redevelopment of the site.

What does the order do?: The Executive Order directs the Department of City Planning to refuse any applications for rezoning, building permits, land disturbances, special administrative permits, subdivisions, replatting or lot consolidations for 15 parcels of land that are part of the current Atlanta Medical Center footprint.

Why a moratorium: According to Dickens, the moratorium will give the city enough time to review the impact of the hospital’s closing and consider what re-zonings are in line with the community.

What’s Next?: The mayor plans to work with the Atlanta City Council to extend the moratorium.

More information: Read the full executive order here and view the map detailing the impacted parcels here.

The Last Word: In a statement released today, Dickens said the following about the moratorium: ““The Atlanta Medical Center campus is a vital cornerstone of the Old Fourth Ward community. The City of Atlanta has an essential interest in ensuring that any reuse or redevelopment of this property is in line with the community’s needs and master plan.”

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