Georgia’s Weekend Weather Forecast: A Sunny Start Followed by Rain Showers

April 19, 2024
1 min read

As Georgia heads into the weekend, residents can look forward to a warm and sunny start, but should be prepared for a shift to cooler temperatures and increased chances of rain as the days progress. Here’s what to expect across the state:

Georgia residents can enjoy a sunny Friday, with temperatures peaking near a warm 87 degrees. It’s a great day to be outdoors, perhaps exploring local parks or enjoying city walks.

The evening will see partly cloudy skies with overnight lows dipping to around 66 degrees. Perfect for an evening out or a late-night stroll.

The weekend starts mostly sunny with highs again near 87 degrees, making for another warm day. However, the afternoon brings a change, with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms developing after 2 p.m. It might be wise to pack an umbrella if you’re planning any outdoor activities.

Saturday Night:
The chance of showers and thunderstorms continues into the night, primarily before midnight. Skies will be mostly cloudy as temperatures cool to around 60 degrees.

A noticeable shift in weather on Sunday as the chance of rain increases significantly. Showers are mainly expected to start after 2 p.m., with an 80 percent chance of precipitation. The temperatures will be cooler with a high near 68 degrees, so it might be a good day for indoor activities.

Sunday Night:
Rain continues into the evening, mainly before 8 p.m., with overnight lows cooling to about 51 degrees. The high chance of precipitation continues, so keep your evening plans flexible to accommodate the weather.

Looking ahead to Monday, the weather begins to clear up with partly sunny skies and a cooler high near 66 degrees, setting the stage for a fresh start to the week.

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