Georgia Prepares for a Wet Weekend with Drizzle and Rain

February 10, 2024
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Georgia Prepares for a Wet Weekend with Drizzle and Rain

🌧️ The Gist: Residents in Georgia’s major metro areas—Atlanta, Macon, and Savannah—should prepare for a damp weekend ahead, with forecasts predicting drizzle and rain.

🌦️ The Details: The weather across Georgia is taking a gloomy turn this weekend. In Atlanta, the clouds have rolled in, setting the stage for drizzly conditions on Saturday and expected rainfall on Sunday. Temperatures will hover in the mid-60s. Down in Macon, the skies remain overcast, with Sunday bringing the bulk of the weekend’s rain and temperatures peaking at 67°F. Savannah, known for its picturesque outdoor settings, will also see mostly cloudy skies, with drizzles sprinkling the weekend and temperatures reaching up to 71°F on Saturday.

🌡️ By The Numbers:

  • Atlanta: Highs of 65°F on Saturday; 67°F on Sunday.
  • Macon: Consistent cloud cover transitioning to Sunday showers; a high of 67°F.
  • Savannah: Mild with a high of 71°F on Saturday; cooler at 63°F on Sunday.

❓ Why It Matters: The weekend’s weather may put a damper on outdoor plans, affecting everything from leisure activities to travel. Residents and visitors should plan accordingly, preparing for potential disruptions.

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