A tropical disturbance is approaching Georgia. Are you prepared?

August 25, 2023
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As residents across Coastal Georgia keep a wary eye on the tropical disturbance in the Caribbean Sea, Brunswick officials are urging locals to take action now to protect their homes and families from any potential storm impact.

Securing items outside homes that could be displaced by wind, trimming trees, and clearing debris from drainage systems are some of the proactive measures recommended. While the outcome of the current weather system remains uncertain, such preparations during calm days can mean less work and damage when storms hit.

Residents are also being encouraged to sign up for the CodeRED Emergency Notification system at Community Notification Enrollment (coderedweb.com). This advanced communication platform will enable rapid alerts for situations demanding immediate action, such as severe weather warnings, missing child notifications, or evacuation directives. The system is only used for emergency purposes.

After an emergency like a tropical storm or hurricane, families may need to support themselves for a few days. Essential preparation includes having food, water, and other supplies ready, alongside a go-bag containing items the household may need in case of an emergency. Apart from basic necessities like food, water, and clothing, the go-bag should also include specific items for individual family needs, such as pet supplies or medications.

An overview of emergency supplies for storm preparation, including a detailed checklist, is available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency below:

Experts insist that these preparations are not just crucial for the current situation but form an essential part of being storm ready. The focus on proactive measures, rather than reactive responses, can play a vital role in minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of Georgia’s residents.

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