Wheels of Change: Get in the driver’s seat of Metro Atlanta’s transportation plan

May 21, 2023
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Wheels of Change: Get in the driver's seat of Metro Atlanta's transportation plan
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The Gist: Atlanta is on the verge of a transportation makeover, and your voice could shape its future. The Atlanta Regional Commission is looking for your input on everything from traffic jams to affordable housing. Have a say in what your city could become by taking the online survey at atlantaregional.org/mtpupdate.

What Happened?: Atlanta is changing and the city planners want your help to decide its future direction. They’ve set up an online survey where you can share your thoughts on the city’s biggest challenges, possible solutions, and where the money should be spent.

By The Numbers: The survey asks you to consider four key points:

  • The best ways to spend money on transportation,
  • The biggest problems facing Atlanta right now,
  • Long-term answers to our traffic headaches,
  • How we can make housing more affordable in our city.

What is the ARC?: The Atlanta Regional Commission, also known as ARC, is a group of city planners working to make Atlanta a better place to live. They focus on issues that affect us all, such as traffic, housing, and city planning.

Why It Matters: This is a rare opportunity to have a say in the future of the metro Atlanta area. Your answers to the survey could influence decisions that will affect residents, from how we get to work to how much we pay for rent.

What’s Next?: After the survey closes, the region’s planners will look at your responses. They’ll use your ideas to update the city’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan, guiding Atlanta’s growth and changes for the coming years. Your voice could help shape a better, more livable Atlanta.

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