Soon You Will Be Able To Pay Marta Fare Using Your Debit Card

October 12, 2023
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Soon You Will Be Able To Pay Marta Fare Using Your Debit Card

The Gist: MARTA riders won’t have to stand in line at ticket machines anymore. Soon, they can use their bank cards or mobile wallets directly at the fare gate instead of using Breeze cards.

The Details: MARTA’s new fare system, AFC 2.0, developed by Innovation in Transportation Inc., is set to revolutionize the boarding process. This not only includes direct gate payments but also features faster fare gates at MARTA’s 38 rail stations and more user-friendly ticket machines that dispense exact change in bills, not just coins. Buses are also getting an upgrade with new digital screens to speed up the boarding process.

By The Numbers:

  • 5 years: Duration set for the complete system implementation.
  • 38: Rail stations receiving upgrades.
  • 240 retail outlets: Newly available spots for Breeze card reloads, a significant expansion from current options.

In Context: This transformation is driven by MARTA’s renewed focus on Service, Experience, and Expansion, or SEE. The aim? Elevate the daily commuting experience.

Why It Matters: This isn’t merely a tech upgrade. It’s about elevating commuter convenience and potentially introducing flexible fare structures that might offer discounts to specific groups like students and seniors.

What’s Next?: In the next five years, MARTA commuters should watch for these changes rolling out, marking the start of more efficient and streamlined commutes.

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