Mystery Text Message Campaign Targets Savannah’s Talmadge Bridge Project

June 9, 2024
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Mystery Text Message Campaign Targets Savannah's Talmadge Bridge Project
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🕵️ The Gist: Residents in Savannah are getting unexpected mail and texts telling them to oppose the Talmadge Bridge project. No one knows yet who is behind it.

What’s Happening:

Residents are getting messages from names like “Hannah,” “Addison,” and “Jake.” These messages point them to a website called “A Bridge Too Far For Savannah.”

  • The website says the $2 billion project isn’t clear and doesn’t ask for public input.
  • It wants a closer look at how the project will affect West Savannah and the Canal District.

Between the Lines:

Local lawmakers are worried about the campaign’s secrecy.

  • Representative Anne Allen Westbrook (D-163) and Representative Jesse Petrea (R-166) say it’s important for residents to be involved, but they question the campaign’s motives.

Catch Up Quick:

The Talmadge Bridge is a key transportation link and a symbol of Savannah’s growth.

  • The bridge project aims to fix old problems and avoid displacing residents in West Savannah and the Canal District.

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