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18 Traffic Deaths Reported Over the Independence Holiday Travel Period


The Independence Day holiday travel period in Georgia saw 18 traffic deaths. The 102-hour period, which began on Wednesday, July 4, at 6 p.m. and concluded on Sunday, July 7, at 11:59 p.m., saw Georgia State Patrol Troopers investigating 12 fatal crashes.

🚨 The Details: Local agencies, including the Albany Police Department, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Columbus Police Department, DeKalb County Police Department, Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, and Henry County Police Department, reported additional fatalities.

📊 By The Numbers:

  • Total Fatalities Statewide: 18
  • Fatalities Investigated by GSP Troopers: 12 (across 12 crashes)
  • Fatalities Investigated by Local Agencies: 6 (across 6 crashes)
  • Total Crashes Investigated by Troopers: Over 500
  • Total Injuries from Crashes: More than 500
  • Traffic Stops Made: Over 33,000
  • Citations Issued: More than 19,400
  • Warnings Issued: Over 23,000

📈 The Big Picture: Holiday travel periods often see spikes in traffic incidents due to increased road usage and festivities. The July Fourth period is historically one of the deadliest times on American roads, with higher rates of impaired driving and reckless behavior. In Georgia, both state and local law enforcement agencies ramp up their efforts during these times, as reflected in the high number of traffic stops and citations issued this year.

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