Georgians are hitting the roads again

With the number of new cases of COVID-19 in Georgia steadily declining, more and more Georgians are driving and traveling. That encouraging trend is showing up in monthly tax collections reported by the state Department of Transportation. The DOT collected $174 million

The average tax refund in Georgia is $3,162

Americans paid in 2019 more than $3.5 trillion in taxes. Nearly half of all tax returns filed by individuals, corporations, and estates received a refund. Altogether, the Internal Revenue Service issued nearly 122 million refunds totaling $452.1 billion, or $3,709 per refund.

Georgia lawmakers pass tax cut despite federal penalty

State lawmakers passed an income-tax cut for Georgians on Thursday that aims to give taxpayers relief amid the COVID-19 pandemic, though critics warn it could cost the state millions of dollars in emergency aid. The tax-cut bill, sponsored by Georgia Rep. Shaw

Georgia lawmaker proposes ‘Netflix Tax’

There is a fresh push underway to tax Netflix and other streaming services, e-books, video game downloads and other digital products that are currently untaxed in Georgia. Similar attempts in the past, known usually as the “Netflix tax,” found pushback with unhappy

Who pays the most taxes in Georgia?

As April 15 draws closer, taxes will be on everyone’s mind and millions of taxpayers in the Peach State will find out if they owe or if they get a refund. A new study by SmartAsset finds the places in Georgia where people