‘Loserville’ Named This Year’s Best Book on Georgia History

August 2, 2023
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'Loserville' Named This Year's Best Book on Georgia History

The Georgia Historical Society, an esteemed guardian of Peach State’s past, declared that this year’s Malcolm Bell Jr. and Muriel Barrow Bell Award will honor Dr. Clayton Trutor.

His book, “Loserville: How Professional Sports Remade Atlanta—and How Atlanta Remade Professional Sports,” secured this prestigious award, placing a spotlight on the state’s multifaceted connection with professional sports.

Recognized as the pinnacle of publication awards by the Historical Society, the Bell Award honors the top book on Georgia’s history published the previous year. Malcolm Bell Jr. and Muriel Barrow Bell serve as the award’s namesakes, owing to their substantial contributions to Georgia’s historical records.

According to the selection committee of the Bell Award, “Loserville” masterfully reinterprets the history of Atlanta through the sports lens. The book puts a spotlight on how city leaders used the recruitment of professional sports teams to market Atlanta as a New South example, while also highlighting the potential social harms brought about by these ambitious urban plans.

Dr. Stan Deaton, the Dr. Elaine B. Andrews Distinguished Historian and Senior Historian at the Historical Society, lauded the book’s exploration of professional sports’ integral role in the state’s history. According to Deaton, “Loserville” aptly fills this gap in knowledge and rightfully earned the Bell Award.

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