5 of the strangest things that happened in Georgia in 2018

December 31, 2018
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5 of the strangest things that happened in Georgia in 2018

The Cows Are Coming Home… on the Interstate

Why did the cow cross the road? To Git to the Chikin, maybe? On three separate occasions in 2018, cows got loose on Atlanta’s interstates.

Atlantans were asking “who let the cows out” in May, June and October as the livestock made their way around the city without regard to traffic.

According to the Associated Press, the chaos that ensued in October’s bovine bungle caused multiple car accidents, at least one injured driver and the deaths of at least seven cows.

Nessie washes up on the shores of Savannah

In March, The carcass of a sea monster washed up on the shore of the Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge, according to The Savannah Morning News. While the slithery snake-like organism did resemble the fabled Loch Ness Monster at first glance, experts ruled that the strange creature is more than likely a shark that started decomposing quite a while ago.

Barbecue is serious business in the South

A 74-year-old Monroe County man who was said to be in poor health, may or may not have fired a gun at his wife because she brought home the wrong plate of barbecue ribs.

The ribs were purchased at a neighborhood cookout, and according to the man’s wife “didn’t look like ribs.” She says her husband fired the gun for a non-barbecue related reason, but he told police he was trying to scare her.

The man was released from jail on the condition that all weapons would be removed from the man’s house.

Small town politics

It is rare that a town of 700 residents makes headlines, but this year, the tiny Georgia town of Blythe grabbed attention for alleged vote-buying.

According to court documents, one of the votes cast in the mayoral election may have been purchased with alcohol and tobacco. Authorities say a volunteer for one of the campaigns who was tasked with making campaign signs, may have made a deal with a voter who was not quite 21 years old to supply alcohol and tobacco in exchange for a vote.

But this was no ordinary volunteer. The volunteer was also a candidate for a city council post. So, a candidate running to represent the citizens of Blythe was being accused of buying votes. You can read more about it here.

Deputies scramble to arrest man who egged courthouse

They take egging the courthouse seriously in Glynn County. In fact, it is a felony, as one angry resident found out in March.

Angered by an earlier court decision, a 28-year-old took his frustrations at the justice system out on the physical building of the courthouse by throwing several eggs at the windows… in broad daylight… while the courthouse was open… with two deputies watching on the other side of the window.

As you can imagine, it didn’t end well and that’s no yolk, folks.

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