Why Are Flags at Half-Staff Today?

February 17, 2024
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Why Are Flags at Half-Staff Today?

Today, Georgia pays tribute to a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice for her country. Flags across the state are lowered to half-staff in honor of three US Army Reserve troops who died in a drone attack. Sergeant Breonna Moffet’s funeral service was held Saturday. She was killed along with two other Georgia service members who lost their lives in a drone strike while serving in Jordan.

Sergeant Moffett, originally a Specialist, was posthumously promoted to the rank of Sergeant “in recognition of her exceptional courage, dedication, and leadership during Operation Inherent Resolve.” She, alongside Sgt. Kennedy L. Sanders and Sgt. William Jerome Rivers, tragically lost their lives on January 28.

The Moffett family, along with the families of Rivers and Sanders, were honored this week in a series of memorials that brought together communities, veterans, and current service members to remember the fallen soldiers. These ceremonies not only served as a final farewell but also as a reminder of the heavy price paid for freedom and security.

Breonna Moffett, a Savannah native, served bravely and was assigned to the 718th Engineer Company, 926th Engineer Battalion, and 926th Engineer Brigade out of Fort Moore near Columbus, Georgia. As a 12N Horizontal Construction Sergeant, she operated heavy earth-moving equipment.

The decision to lower flags to half-staff is a symbol of the collective grief and gratitude of the citizens of Georgia. It serves as a visual reminder of the sacrifices made by Sgt. Moffett and her fellow soldiers.

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