Discover the Secret to Lower Water Bills with Cobb County’s Flume Monitor Offer

March 18, 2023
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Discover the Secret to Lower Water Bills with Cobb County's Flume Monitor Offer

As homeowners continue to be concerned about high water bills and look for ways to monitor their water usage, Cobb County Water has stepped up to offer a solution. The utility company is now providing a free loaner program and a discounted purchase option for an innovative system that tracks water consumption in real-time, the Eco-Logical Flume Home Water Monitor.

The county’s initiative aims to help residents better understand and control their water usage by providing them with accurate, up-to-date information.

The Eco-Logical Flume system is designed to monitor water consumption and send real-time data to homeowners, allowing them to make informed decisions about their usage and potentially lower their water bills.

Below is a video explaining the system.

Cobb County Water System officials say they believe that empowering customers with the knowledge and tools to monitor their water usage is essential for promoting water conservation and helping homeowners reduce their monthly bills.

By offering a free loaner program and discounted purchase options, Cobb Water is making it easier for residents to adopt the Eco-Logical Flume system and take control of their water usage.

To take advantage of the free loaner program or discounted purchase, Cobb County residents should contact Cobb Water for more information on eligibility and availability.

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