Mountain Park Will Keep Its Fire Department

November 8, 2023
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Mountain Park Will Keep Its Fire Department

🚒 The Gist: The majority of Mountain Park’s residents cast their ballots in favor of perpetuating the tradition of backing their volunteer fire and rescue service, a pillar of the community’s safety since its inception in 1978.

📜 The Details: The key question on the ballot Tuesday in Mountain Park was whether the city should continue to endorse and allocate funds to the Mountain Park Volunteer Fire & Rescue. This service has worked in tandem with Roswell’s fire and emergency services since 1998, expanding to meet the needs of a growing community.

By The Numbers:

  • 59.47% voted in support of the volunteer fire and rescue service.
  • This backing translates to a yearly funding commitment of $19,343.
  • Households will contribute roughly $5.57 per month for this service.

🏘️ In Context: The Mountain Park Volunteer Fire & Rescue’s contribution has been integral to Mountain Park’s public safety for over forty years. This referendum result demonstrates a continued community dedication to sustaining the service which has become a hallmark of Mountain Park’s identity.

💲 Why It Matters: Mountain Park residents have endorsed additional local investment in their volunteer fire and rescue, choosing to fund the Mountain Park Volunteer Fire & Rescue on top of the existing $99,007 annual payment to Roswell for comprehensive fire and E911 services. This vote reflects a community priority for enhanced safety measures and a personalized touch to emergency response, beyond the extensive services already financed. This dual investment underscores the high value placed on localized, hands-on support from familiar faces, ensuring that their unique public safety needs are met.

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