The City of Milton wants your input on plans for the Mayfield area

January 18, 2023
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The City of Milton wants your input on plans for the Mayfield area

MILTON — People who live, work, and otherwise have an interest in the future of Crabapple, Milton, and its downtown are invited Thursday to a public workshop focused on what’s being called the District at Mayfield.

The District at Mayfield encompasses 22 parcels that span nearly 18 acres in part of Milton’s Crabapple character area. It includes properties such as Broadwell Pavilion and the Milton Library off Broadwell Road, Charlotte Drive, Mayfield Road, and Mid Broadwell Road.

After hearing from citizens, the city will work in the coming months to create a concept plan for this defined area. Such a concept plan’s goal is to further ensure consistency, quality, and cohesiveness in an area important to Milton and especially its downtown.

The Jan. 19 event will take place from 4-to-6 p.m. in City Hall’s Council Chambers at 2006 Heritage Walk.

This “public workshop” as well as two others to follow — on Feb. 9 and March 2 — will be interactive opportunities for people to learn about this project, which isn’t set to include any rezoning, by exploring maps, taking in information, and engaging with city staff with questions, ideas, and the like.

If you want more information on the District at Mayfield, including answers on several common questions (can’t go to Thursday’s workshop), go to

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