Cherokee County proposes changes to county-level representation

November 7, 2021
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Portions of Cherokee County Commission Districts 1 and 2 may be represented by a different commissioner if the Georgia General Assembly approves the suggested changes by the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners.

County Commission Chairman Harry Johnston said during the Nov. 2 commission work session that to ensure equitable representation, the northernmost districts of Cherokee County need to be realigned.

According to Johnston, District 1 needs to be reduced by 2,587 residents, and District 2 needs to be reduced by 1,820 residents, based on the 2020 Census. District 3 needs to grow by 4,107 residents, and District 4 needs to reduce by only 66 residents.

Currently, the Univeter and Teasley precincts are divided, and Johnston said adjusting those precincts could solve the issue.

“Our districts have to be adjusted to balance the population. Each district has to be approximately 25 percent of the population. One option would be to move the portion of the Univeter Precinct currently in District 2 to District 1 – then move the portion of the Teasley Precinct currently in District 1 over to District 3,” Johnston said. “This accomplishes getting within a quarter percent deviation and eliminates the split precincts in regard to Board of Commissioners seats.”

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During the regular commission meeting, commissioners voted unanimously to make the recommendation to the reapportionment committee.

The suggestion will be made to the Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office, which will pass it to the Georgia General Assembly to vote.

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