5 Things You Didn't Know About Bibb County

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bibb County


Birthplace of the Kazoo

The kazoo, a quirky and beloved musical instrument, has a unique connection to Bibb County. Bibb County’s history and that of the kazoo are intertwined in a fascinating tale that not everyone knows.

The Kazoo was patented in the United States in 1876, but its roots trace back to African musical traditions. Alabama Vest of Macon, a city in Bibb County, is credited with developing the first prototype. A German clockmaster, Thaddeus Von Clegg, helped Vest in creating the instrument. This makes Bibb County the cradle of the Kazoo in America, which is a proud distinction for any music lover.

The Cherry Blossom Festival

Bibb County’s Cherry Blossom Festival is a local spectacle that transforms the county into a blooming fairyland every spring. What you may not know is that the festival’s origins are rooted in one man’s quest to beautify his hometown.

In the 1970s, William A. Fickling Sr. saw a Yoshino Cherry tree and fell in love with it. He propagated the Yoshino Cherry Trees and started giving them away to the community, spurring the first plantings around the city.

The Cherry Blossom Festival was born in 1982 to celebrate his efforts. Today, the festival is a nationally recognized event, attracting thousands of visitors to Bibb County each year.

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame

While Nashville, Tennessee might be known as the home of country music, Bibb County has its own notable claim to fame in the music world. Macon, located in Bibb County, was home to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame until its closure in 2011.

The Hall of Fame recognized Georgia’s contributions to American music, from the likes of Ray Charles to Otis Redding. Although it is no longer operational, the spirit of Georgia’s musical heritage still remains strong in Bibb County, making it a hidden gem for music lovers.

The Allman Brothers Band Museum

Even the most die-hard fans of The Allman Brothers Band might not know about The Big House, the museum in Macon dedicated to their music. The band, which had a significant impact on American music, lived and made music in this house in the 1970s.

Today, the house serves as a museum that boasts an extensive collection of Allman Brothers memorabilia. This includes vintage photographs, instruments, posters, and clothing, making it a must-visit for fans of the band and rock and roll history.

Historic Homes Galore

Bibb County, Georgia is rich in architectural history, boasting a wealth of historic homes. Macon, the county’s largest city, contains over 5,500 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

From Greek Revival to Victorian, these structures provide a tangible glimpse into America’s architectural past. Among these is the Hay House, a stunning 1855 Italian Renaissance Revival mansion often referred to as the “Palace of the South”. It’s a testament to the depth of history and beauty Bibb County has to offer.

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