Would You Date Someone in A Different Political Party? Most Georgians Would

April 17, 2024
1 min read

🔍 The Gist: A new study reveals that while political divisions run deep, many singles in Georgia are still open to dating across party lines, more so than in many other states.

📜 The Details: According to a poll conducted by DatingAdvice.com involving 3,000 singles, about 62% of singles in Georgia are open to dating someone with differing political views, slightly below the national average of 63%. However, the survey highlights a disparity in openness between the parties: 16% of Republican singles in Georgia wouldn’t date a Democrat, compared to 22% of Democrats who wouldn’t date a Republican.

📊 By The Numbers:

  • Georgia’s bipartisan openness: 62%
  • National average: 63%
  • Republican refusal in Georgia: 16%
  • Democrat refusal in Georgia: 22%

🌍 The Big Picture: We tend to focus on how divided our country is, but where it really matters — interpersonal relationships — it becomes clear that what unites us is greater than what divides us. The study shows that 62% of Georgians would date someone who has different political views than they do, and 63% of Americans would do the same.

The results show that roughly 37% of Georgians are so partisan that they would let politics interfere with dating — and that’s the minority. That means on some level, the majority don’t elevate politics to such a high level in their lives that it impacts their relationships with others.

📢 Why It Matters: With political polarization at high levels, the willingness of many to cross party lines for personal relationships offers a beacon of tolerance and flexibility in social interactions.

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