Southern Hospitality: Georgia Ranks #2 In Politeness

March 8, 2024
1 min read

😏 The Gist: Tired of hearing about surveys and rankings where Georgia ranks near the bottom? Well, The Peach State has finally found something it ranks highly in. Manners and politeness. According to a Preply survey, the Peach State is practically a finishing school for manners, ranking as the second most polite state in the U.S.

📊 The Details: Here’s the tea on Georgia’s impeccable manners:

  • 65% of Georgia residents still think it’s crucial to offer their seat to someone who might faint from standing too long.
  • 73% hold doors open, presumably so they can say, “After you, no please, I insist,” ad infinitum.
  • A round of applause, please: 100% claim they wouldn’t dream of leaving their trash behind, a basic human decency now considered peak politeness.
  • 91% of Georgians pride themselves on not road-raging, which is both adorable and slightly unbelievable, especially if you’ve driven in Atlanta at rush hour, or driven slowly on a mountain road with a pickup truck bearing down on you.

🎩 Let’s Compare: So, which state beat Georgia in politeness? That would be Arkansas — a state so polite, we kind of forget they exist until someone reminds us.

In news that will shock absolutely no one, the two rudest states in the country are — exaggerated drumroll please — New Jersey and New York.

🔮 What’s Next?: Will Georgia’s charm offensive win over even the most cynical among us? Or will it succumb to the nationwide manners meltdown?

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