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Savannah ranks among best cities in the U.S. for cats


Cats aren’t for everyone, but those who love them really love them. Cat people will put up with just about anything to keep their feline overlords happy.

But where are the best places for those long-suffering friends of felines to call home?

To mark International Cat Day on Aug. 8, LawnStarter ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Cat Lovers.

The company compared the 200 largest U.S. cities across 14 factors, such as vet access, cost of cat sitting, and cat-friendly rental properties.

Find out which cities me-wowed LawnStarter below. Click here to see where your city ranks.

Best Cities for Cat Lovers
1Orlando, FL
2Scottsdale, AZ
3Knoxville, TN
4Fort Lauderdale, FL
5Fort Collins, CO
6Salem, OR
7Richmond, VA
8Las Vegas, NV
9Savannah, GA
10Murfreesboro, TN

Whether you’re an enthusiastic cat lover or a begrudging cat roommate, give the kitties in your life a little extra love (in cat language: extra treats) to celebrate International Cat Day this year.

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