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Believe It or Not: Residents in These 3 Georgia Cities Leave Their Doors Unlocked


🏘️ The Gist: Three Georgia towns – Evans, Canton, and Peachtree City – were mentioned in a recent study for their safety, with residents feeling secure enough to leave doors unlocked at night.

📊 The Details: A study conducted by revealed that in certain American towns, the tradition of leaving doors unlocked at night still prevails, a sign of deep trust in community safety. This study surveyed 3,000 respondents to identify where this old-world charm still exists. Evans leads these towns, followed by Canton and Peachtree City.

These towns are noted for their low crime rates and strong sense of community, contrasting with the widespread perception of increased danger in contemporary America.

🌐 In Context: The study placed these Georgia towns among the top in America for safety and trust. Nationally, Hollister, California; Madison, Mississippi; and New Braunfels, Texas were among the top three, with each town boasting significantly lower crime rates than national figures. These findings harken back to a bygone era when community trust was more prevalent.

⚖️ Why It Matters: The findings from’s study are significant as they spotlight pockets of America where community trust and safety still reign supreme. In a time when concerns about safety and security are at a high, these towns stand out as exceptions, embodying a sense of security and neighborliness that many believe was lost.

🔍 What’s Next?: The study’s implications may influence perceptions of community safety and trust in the United States. Further research and discussions may focus on how these communities have maintained such high levels of safety and whether these practices can be replicated in other areas.


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