Amazon Prime Days Are October 10 and 11. How Nice Are Georgia Residents to Delivery Drivers?

October 3, 2023
1 min read
smiling man stands behind delivery truck

The Gist: Amid the flurry of delivery activity, a fresh study brings a warm tale ahead of October’s Prime Days – Georgia emerges as one of the friendliest states for delivery personnel.

The Details: With delivery vans a common sight, tales of crazy delivery incidents abound. However, a recent study, conducted ahead of October’s Prime Days, paints a kinder picture, particularly in Georgia. The study sought to gauge the warmth of interactions between residents and delivery personnel, by exploring behaviors like tipping, smiling, and making eye contact. The Peach State shone through as the third nicest state towards delivery folks.

By The Numbers:

  • A cheerful 68% of respondents from Georgia always give a smile to their delivery people, with 60% ensuring they make eye contact.
  • When it comes to tipping, 48% of the Georgians polled were more open-handed during the holiday season, while half of them are consistent with a generous 20% tip for food deliveries.
  • A more personal touch was revealed as 22% of Georgia’s respondents know their mail person by name.
  • Not just a Southern charm, 51% of Americans across the board have held the door open for a delivery person, portraying a thread of courtesy running nationwide.

In Context: This narrative emerges as a heartening contrast to the viral stories of bizarre delivery incidents. It’s a gentle reminder of the small acts of kindness that play out every day on doorsteps, especially in Georgia.

Why It Matters: In a time where the click of a button brings the world to our doorstep, the human interaction that comes with it holds a touch of warmth. This study highlights the cordial rapport between residents and delivery personnel, a small yet significant part of the community fabric.

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