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Marietta High School SAT Scores Beat State and National Averages

But scores are down compared to 2022.

The Gist: Marietta High School’s Class of 2023 shines bright with SAT scores that not only beat the state average but also outpace the national norm, despite the academic turbulence of a global pandemic.

The Details: Marietta High School has released SAT scores for its graduating class of 2023, and the numbers are promising. The data reveals that students have outperformed their peers at the state level and bested the national average for public schools, echoing a commitment to academic excellence that remains unshaken by pandemic-era challenges. Scores have dropped since 2022. Last year, the mean score was 1084.

By The Numbers:

  • Overall SAT Score: Mean score of 1,052, 7 points higher than Georgia’s public school average and 49 points above the national average.
  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW): Mean score of 542, 8 points higher than the state average and 32 points above the national average.
  • Math: Mean score of 510, 1 point below the state average but 17 points higher than the national average.
  • Demographic Highlights: Black/African American students scored 507 in ERW and 474 in Math, while Hispanic/Latino students scored 509 and 489, respectively. White students led with scores of 589 in ERW and 552 in Math.

Why It Matters: The performance of Marietta High School’s 2023 cohort is not merely a numerical win. It’s an indicator of educational resilience and adaptability. Despite the profound impact of COVID-19 on traditional learning methods during their initial high school years, these students have met and often surpassed academic expectations.

What’s Next?: Marietta High School administrators express confidence in their students’ preparedness for future academic pursuits and commit to nurturing a culture of educational rigor. Superintendent Grant Rivera praised the “relentless dedication and commitment” of students and educators, a sentiment shared by Principal Marvin Crumbs who said the scores signify their collective dedication to educational success.

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