Dish pulls WSB-TV from channel lineup

November 28, 2022
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Dish pulls WSB-TV from channel lineup
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If you have Dish Network, you may have noticed that WSB-TV, Channel 2 in Atlanta, has been dropped from your channel lineup.

The change comes after a dispute between Dish and Cox Media Group, the parent company of WSB-TV. According to Dish, Cox is demanding an “exorbitant rate increase” for its channels.

“Cox’s refusal to negotiate in good faith and subsequently forcing a blackout of its stations for DISH customers is deplorable,” said Brian Neylon, group president of Dish. “Cox is demanding an exorbitant rate increase, negotiating for channels it does not yet own and insists on payment from customers who do not subscribe to local broadcasting, even as it continues to underinvest in local programming.”

WSB-TV, Atlanta’s ABC affiliate, is the only TV station in the Atlanta market affected, but it is not the only Cox station to be pulled from Dish.

ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC stations in nine markets have been blacked out. Impacted stations include:

  • (ABC: WSB) – Atlanta, GA 
  • (FOX: WFXT) – Boston, MA 
  • (ABC: WSOC) – Charlotte, NC 
  • (CBS: WHIO) – Dayton, OH 
  • (FOX: KLSR) – Eugene, OR 
  • (FOX: WFOX) – Jacksonville, FL 
  • (ABC: WFTV) – Orlando, FL 
  • (NBC: WPXI) – Pittsburgh, PA 
  • (CBS: KIRO) – Seattle, WA 

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