Thieves Broke Into Over 100 Cars in Atlanta Last Night. They Even Broke Into a Police Car

July 22, 2023
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Thieves Broke Into Over 100 Cars in Atlanta Last Night. They Even Broke Into a Police Car

The Gist: Over 100 vehicles, including an Atlanta Police patrol car, were targeted by thieves in a mass car break-in that took place early this morning in a quiet Atlanta neighborhood.

What Happened?: Atlanta Police Zone 6 officers rushed to Montag Circle following reports of extensive car break-ins. Arriving around 7 a.m., officers verified the staggering number of over 100 vehicles affected by the incident, with even an Atlanta Police patrol vehicle being among those targeted.

Two firearms were confirmed stolen during the break-in spree, though none from the patrol vehicle.

By The Numbers:

  • Over 100 vehicles broken into.
  • 2 firearms confirmed stolen.

Why It Matters: The rash of break-ins underscores a troubling rise in car-related thefts within Atlanta. These incidents not only present a direct threat to personal property, but also risk the escalation of violence, given that firearms were among the stolen items.

What’s Next?: Atlanta Police ask the public to play their part in curtailing these thefts. To minimize opportunities for criminals, they stress the importance of removing all valuables from vehicles, locking car doors, and never leaving vehicles running unattended. By adopting these preventive measures, Atlanta residents can contribute significantly to reducing the city’s theft statistics.

Atlanta Police are committed to thorough investigations and are actively working to apprehend the culprits of this morning’s mass break-in, with further updates anticipated in the coming days.

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