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Ten Arrested in Sex Trafficking Bust in Middle Georgia


The Gist: Ten people were arrested as part of a law enforcement operation targeting sex traffickers and commercial sex buyers in Perry.

The operation, named “Operation Southern Comfort,” was a multi-agency initiative coordinated by the GBI’s Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit, Perry Police Department, Houston County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division, and the Houston County District Attorney’s Office.

Nine commercial sex workers were offered services to identify and apprehend their employers.

The Details:

  • Operation Southern Comfort was a proactive undercover investigation conducted over several months.
  • The law enforcement agencies collaborated closely with the Houston County District Attorney’s Office in planning and executing the operation.
  • The age range of the ten individuals arrested was between 23 and 68 years old. They had either intended to purchase sex or sell sex commercially.
  • The primary objective of the operation was to curb the demand for commercial sex by apprehending buyers and offering services to potential workers, with the additional goal of identifying and arresting pimps and human traffickers.

Why it Matters: Sex trafficking is a serious crime that exploits vulnerable individuals and violates their human rights. Operation Southern Comfort works to fight this illegal trade by targeting the demand side and apprehending those involved. Through undercover investigations and collaboration with law enforcement agencies, authorities aim to dismantle criminal networks and help victims.

What’s Next?: The investigation into the sex trafficking operation remains active and ongoing. Authorities encourage anyone with information to contact the GBI’s HEAT Unit or the Houston County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, individuals are urged to report all forms of human trafficking to Georgia’s statewide human trafficking hotline.

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