Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Warns Against Scams Following Deputy’s Tragic Death

January 1, 2024
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🚔 The Gist: The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning about fraudulent fundraising efforts following the death of Sergeant Marc McIntyre. They clarified that no GoFundMe accounts have been authorized and announced plans to establish a legitimate bank account for donations.

🚨 The Details: The Sheriff’s Office’s statement comes in the wake of the fatal shooting of Sergeant Marc McIntyre, who was killed in the line of duty. This announcement aims to prevent scams that exploit the community’s desire to help.

The Sheriff’s Office emphasized the importance of vigilance against fraudulent activities during such a sensitive time.

GoFundMe’s Response: A spokesperson for GoFundMe reached out to us and sent this statement on the incident:

“When there’s an unspeakable tragedy, people often feel a deep urge to help and provide comfort to those affected. It is not uncommon for someone to create a GoFundMe page to assist another individual after a news report. Upon discovering that the Sheriff’s Office plans to establish a bank account to aid Sergeant McIntyre’s family with funeral expenses, we removed the related fundraiser and all donors have been refunded.”

🔙 In Context: Sergeant McIntyre, a respected 12-year veteran of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office and an Army veteran, was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance on December 29. The suspect, Todd Harper, is in custody, charged with murder. McIntyre’s death has deeply impacted the community, highlighting the risks law enforcement officers face.

🔒 Why It Matters: This warning from the Sheriff’s Office is crucial in safeguarding the community against scams and ensuring that the goodwill of those wishing to support McIntyre’s family is not exploited. It also reflects the broader issue of opportunistic scams that emerge in the wake of tragedies.

📣 What You Can Do: The community is advised to wait for official information regarding the donation account and to be cautious of any unsolicited fundraising requests. Sharing this information to increase awareness can also help prevent potential scams.

🕊️ What’s Next?: The Sheriff’s Office will release details about the official donation account soon. Meanwhile, the GBI continues its investigation into the shooting, and the community mourns the loss of Sergeant McIntyre. The focus remains on supporting his family and remembering his service.

Change Log: Updated Jan. 12 to include GoFundMe’s response.

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