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Major Gang Arrest in DeKalb County Gets 20 Suspected Gang Members Off The Streets


πŸ” The Gist: A major police action in DeKalb County has led to the arrest of 20 people connected to gang activities, along with the seizure of an array of illegal weapons and drugs.

πŸ“– The Details: Following leads that pointed to a group suspected in a series of armed robberies, police zeroed in on a Lithonia residence. This move brought 20 people believed to be part of a larger gang network into custody.

Police say they also found a significant cache of firearms, including machine guns, and a wide variety of narcotics.

πŸ”’ By The Numbers:

  • 20 arrests made
  • 20 firearms seized, 8 classified as machine guns
  • Drugs including over 60 lbs of mushrooms and quantities of marijuana, promethazine, Xanax, and oxycodone

πŸ€” Why It Matters: For residents, the successful operation signals a significant blow to local criminal elements, potentially leading to a safer environment. The removal of weapons and drugs from the streets directly impacts community safety, reducing the risk of violence and substance abuse issues that affect residents’ daily lives.

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