Georgia Corrections Officer Killed by Inmate in the Line of Duty

Georgia Corrections Officer Killed by Inmate in the Line of Duty


The News: Correctional Officer Robert Clark, a corrections officer at Smith State Prison, was fatally attacked by an inmate while escorting prisoners from the dining hall.

The Details?: The incident occurred on Sunday, October 1. As Clark was guiding two inmates from the dining area, one assaulted him with a makeshift weapon. The other inmate attempted to intervene, helping Clark, but was also attacked in the process.

Clark died from his injuries.

The inmate who stepped in to assist is recovering with non-life-threatening injuries.

By The Numbers:

  • Officer Robert Clark, 42, had only been with Smith State Prison since April.
  • Two inmates were involved: one assaulter and one helper.
  • According to Georgia Department of Corrections officials, inmate Layton Lester was the assailant.
  • Inmate Marko Willingham was the one who tried to help and was also injured.

In Context: Prison assaults, particularly those involving homemade weapons, showcase the often-dangerous environment correctional officers face daily.

What’s Next?: Layton Lester will face charges for his involvement in the fatal assault of Officer Clark and for injuring inmate Willingham.

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