Atlanta Ranks #2 for Hybrid Work. Here’s Why

July 26, 2023
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Atlanta Ranks #2 for Hybrid Work. Here's Why

The Gist: Hybrid workers across the country have been loud and clear — they’re not tied to the office desk. New data places Atlanta as a top choice for these flexible folks, taking the #2 spot in a ranking of best U.S. cities for hybrid work.

The Rankings: The recent rankings stemmed from a comprehensive analysis of factors like Internet access, library availability, and commute times across numerous U.S. cities.

Coming in hot, Atlanta earned its high rank due to impressive stats on home Internet service and growing interest in coworking spaces.

By The Numbers:

  • 42,583 households per 100,000 in Atlanta boast internet service.
  • Top 5 cities for hybrid work in the U.S. include Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, Denver, and Tampa.

Why It Matters: The shift towards hybrid work isn’t just about location — it’s about worker happiness and productivity. The report highlighted key challenges and preferences of hybrid workers. Number one on the list of gripes was coworker distractions, indicating the need for more individualized, quiet work environments.

More Insights:

  • 20% of surveyed workers are ready to pay for a day at a coworking space, seeking a change from their home offices.
  • A whopping 56% believe that their employers should chip in with a stipend for such spaces.

What’s Next?: As employers across the country grapple with the ‘return-to-office’ conundrum, this report is a valuable roadmap. Understanding these preferences can help design better policies and strategies, creating a win-win for all parties involved. As for Atlanta, the city seems set to attract an influx of hybrid workers, opening up new opportunities for coworking spaces and related businesses.

And, in case you were wondering, the number one city for hybrid workers was Miami.

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