Temple Convenience Center Now Accepting Food Grade Glass for Recycling

September 27, 2023
1 min read

The Gist: The Temple Convenience Center has added food grade glass to its list of recyclable items, joining the Newnan Road and Dyer Road Convenience Centers in offering this service.

The Details: Effective immediately, the Temple Convenience Center is accepting glass jars and bottles for recycling. However, mirrors, crystal, ceramic cups and plates, clay flowerpots, drinking glasses, and light bulbs are not accepted. Plastic bags are also prohibited in the recycling bins.

In Context: Carroll County Solid Waste and Keep Carroll Beautiful initiated their partnership last year. The addition of the Temple Convenience Center to this program is the most recent development in expanding local recycling options.

Why It Matters: The availability of more locations for glass recycling contributes to waste diversion efforts, offering Carroll County residents an alternative to sending glass to landfills.

What’s Next: Information on what can be recycled and the operating hours for each convenience center can be found on the Carroll County Solid Waste website.

Additional details are available at http://www.carrollcountyga.com/469/Solid-Waste.


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