Fulton County chairman wants to see South Fulton have explosive growth

Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts is committed to expanding the County’s impact on the region with his attention now focused on South Fulton that has the potential for explosive growth.

“The North and Central areas of Fulton are built out and thriving well, so now I’m zeroing in on the South,” said Pitts. “If we develop and expand opportunities in South Fulton, the benefits to our residents are limitless.”

Pitts noted that the Fulton County Executive Airport at Brown Field, known as “Charlie Brown,” is the centerpiece of South Fulton’s growth and development. The airport is undergoing major improvements and expansion that will have a significant impact in the entire region. The airport is the third busiest airport in metro Atlanta and one of only two with a 24/7 control tower. It is estimated Charlie Brown currently generates nearly $200 million in total economic output.

“We are in the process of expanding the main runway that will allow jets to take off and land from as far away as Europe,” said Pitts. “No disrespect to DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK) which is a fine airport but when finished, Charlie Brown will truly be one of the finest airports in the entire country, a magnet for businesses and a key economic driver in South Fulton. The potential is mindboggling. In short, Fulton’s airport will be a big deal.”

In addition to the expanded runway, Fulton County plans to add more hangars for corporate jets, build a conference space and add restaurants and shops.

Development surrounding the airport is also booming. A new emergency 911 operations center will open nearby, giving government officials a major backup facility if the main 911 center goes down.

Construction has also begun on a $38 million dollar animal shelter near the airport. The new 50,000 square foot facility will replace the current overcrowded shelter built in the 1970s. The state-of-the-art shelter will include more kennels, outdoor space and areas where pets can feel comfortable while they wait to find their forever home.

“We are a world class county and need a world class animal shelter,” said Pitts. “I’ve been flooded with calls and emails from residents who say animal services are vital, and we have listened to their pleas. This shelter will be a model for the country.”

To support the expected growth in South Fulton, the County is investing $500 million on sewer expansion and improvements. The Camp Creek Water Reclamation Facility will be state-of-the-art and provides service from Hapeville to Chattahoochee Hills.

“We are well aware that businesses and developers are concerned about infrastructure, and they want to be sure that the County has the capacity to meet their demands,” said Pitts. “We assure that we can respond to their needs so that their projects are successful.”

As Chairman, Pitts said that he closely monitors all areas of the County and is pleased with the strides made in North and Central Fulton. He pointed out that South Fulton has long been overlooked and that is why he will make the area a top priority.

“South Fulton is a diamond in the rough that can thrive with our attention,” said Pitts. “I’m excited to think about what the future holds.”

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