Georgia Primary Election Results

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Below is our live coverage of the May 24 Georgia Primary Election. Results will be posted as they come in. Please refresh for the most up to date information.

Incumbents win big in State office primaries: It was a good night for incumbents in the Republican primaries. Brian Kemp won handily without a runoff in a crowded field. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is also poised to avoid a runoff, garnering 51% of the vote. Chris Carr shot down his primary challenger for attorney general with 73% of the vote. Commissioner of Insurance John King, also avoids a runoff, with 70% of the vote. The same goes for State School Superintendent Richard Woods, who defeated John Barge handily, with 72% of the vote.

Most notably, incumbents in Republican state office races won despite Donald Trump endorsing their opponents. David Perdue was Trump’s pick for governor, Jody Hice was Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, and Trump backed John Gordon for attorney general.

In races that didn’t involve incumbents, the Trump candidates fared better. Herschel Walker was backed by Trump and won the Senate primary handily. Burt Jones, who was Trump’s pick for Lieutenant Governor is set to win that primary and with 76% of precincts reporting has just enough votes (50.6%) to avoid a runoff.

Democrats running for state offices had a more difficult time avoiding runoffs. In the Lieutenant Governor’s Race, Kwanza Hall is the frontrunner, but only has 29% of the vote. His likely challenger in the runoff will be Charlie Bailey, who has 17% of the vote.

In the Secretary of State race for the democrats, Bee Nguyen will head to a runoff. She has 42% of the vote. Her opponent looks to be Dee Dawkins-Haigler.

In the Attorney General’s race for the Democrats, Jen Jordan won with 77% of the vote. Commissioner of Agriculture candidate, Nakita Hemmingway also looks like a clear winner in that three person race.

In the Commissioner of Insurance Race for the Democrats, Janice Laws Robinson is headed to a runoff with Raphael Baker.

In the Democratic race for State School Superintendent, Alisha Thomas Searcy appears to have avoided a runoff, winning with 57% of the vote.

Lieutenant Governor Update: In the Republican Primary for Lieutenant Governor, with 25% of precincts reporting, Burt Jones is poised to win without a runoff. He has 50.9% of the vote. Butch Miller has 30.9% of the vote and Mack McGregor has 11%.

On the Democratic side, Kwanza Hall will not avoid a runoff. Hall leads with 30% of the vote, Charlie Bailey has 18%, Renitta Shannon has 13% and Tyrone Brooks Jr. has 11.4% of the vote.

Georgia 14th: With 9% of precincts reporting, Marjorie Taylor Greene still commands 70% of the vote in the Republican primary for her house district.

On the Democratic side, Marcus Flowers has 76% of the vote, but the vote totals are vastly different. 45,277 Republican ballots have been counted so far, compared to 11,996 Democrat ballots that have been counted so far.

Perdue Concedes: David Perdue told supporters he has called Gov. Brian Kemp and conceded in the Republican Primary for Governor. Kemp has 72% of the vote, and is headed to a landslide victory. This means he will avoid a runoff and we will see a rematch in the Governor’s Race between Republican Nominee Kemp and Democratic Nominee Stacey Abrams.

Secretary of State: In the Republican Primary with 8% of precincts reporting, Brad Raffensperger has 50.48% of the vote. Jody Hice has 33.2%. Raffensperger is currently just over the threshold to avoid a runoff, but it is still early.

In the Democratic Primary, BeeNguyen has 42% of the vote. Dee Dawkins-Haigler is still holding second place with 18.4% and Michael Owens has 16.1%.

Kemp maintains lead: With 6% of precincts reporting, Brian Kemp maintains his strong lead in the Republican Primary for Governor. Kemp has 73% of the vote. David Perdue has 21%.

State School Superintendent: In the Republican primary, Incumbent Richard Woods is warding off a challenge from former State School Superintendent John Barge. Woods has 73% of the vote and Barge has 26%. Just 5% of precincts are reporting.

Attorney General: In the Republican Primary for Attorney General with 5% of precincts reporting, Incumbent Chris Carr has 74.9% of the vote. Challenger John Gordon has 25%.

On the Democratic side, Jen Jordan has 77.8% of the vote and Christian Wise Smith has 22.1%.

McBath ahead in District 7: With 2,276 votes counted in the Democratic Primary for the 7th Congressional District, Lucy McBath holds a commanding lead of 80%. Incumbent Carolyn Bourdeaux has just 17% of the vote. In case you missed it, this was a product of redistricting of McBath’s 6th district which caused her to run in the 7th district.

On the Republican side, Mark Gonsalves has 35% of the vote, Michael Corbin ahas 31% and Lisa McCoy has 15%.

Marjorie Taylor Greene leads in early results: With 3,386 votes counted so far, Marjorie Taylor Greene holds 67.6% of the vote in the Republican Primary for her seat. Jennifer Strahan has 14.7% of the vote and Eric Cunningham, has 7.2% of the vote.

On the Democratic side, Marcus Flowers has 81% of the vote. His next closest contender is Wendy Davis with 12% of the vote. Keep in mind, this is a heavily Republican district. Only 855 votes have been counted for Democrats so far.

Secretary of State: In the Republican Primary for Secretary of State, incumbent Brad Raffensperger has 48% of the vote. Jody Hice has 36.7% of the vote. 77,090 votes have been counted.

For the Democrats, Bee Nguyen has 37.8% of the vote, Dee Dawkins-Haigler has 22.4% and Michael Owens has 18.2% of the vote. 66,748 votes have been counted.

Governor’s Race Update: In the Republican Primary for Governor, Brian Kemp holds a commanding lead with 73% of the vote. David Perdue has 22% of the vote. Just under 60,000 votes have been counted.

Senate Race Shapes Up: It’s still early, but based on the first votes counted, it looks like we will see Herschel Walker vs. Raphael Warnock in November. With just under 25,000 votes counted in the Republican Primary, Herschel Walker holds a commanding lead with 73% of the vote. If this holds true for the rest of the night, he will avoid a runoff.

On the Democratic side, Raphael Warnock has 96.8% of the vote against Tamara Johnson-Shealey. Just under 40,000 votes have been counted in that race.

Early Results In: The first set of results are in. It is still early and only a handful of votes have been counted. Here’s what we have so far:

In the Republican primary for Governor, Brian Kemp has 72.8% of the vote. David Perdue has 23.3%. The next highest vote-getter is Kandiss Taylor with 3.3% of the vote. Only 1,647 votes have been counted so far.

In the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor, Burt Jones has 54% of the vote. Butch Miller has 29.3%, Mack McGregor is third with 11.2%. In that race, only 1,553 votes have been counted.

In the Democratic Primary for Lieutenant Governor, the leader by a hair is Kwanza Hall who has 17.69% of the vote. Renitta Shannon has 17.27%. Tyrone Brooks Jr. has 16.04%.

Early results in the Secretary of State’s Race on the Republican side show Brad Raffensperger with 48.03% of the vote to Jody Hice’s 43.26%. Only 5,234 votes have been counted.

On the Democratic side for Secretary of State, Bee Nguyen is the frontrunner with 30.78% of the vote. Dee Hawkins-Haigler is next with 26.19% and Michael Owens is in third with 21.46% of the vote.

Polls have closed throughout the state and now the wait for results begins. One of the key questions in this election is how much influence Donald Trump has over Georgia politics. Polling to this point has consistently shown Brian Kemp ahead of David Perdue despite Trump’s endorsement, however Herschel Walker, who was also endorsed by Trump is favored in the U.S. Senate race.

In Georgia’s Secretary of State race, Trump has come out against incumbent Brad Raffensperger and in favor of challenger Jody Hice. The outcome of this race could speak volumes about the path the Republican party in Georgia is taking.

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