Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown city skyline over highways at night.

Atlanta has the most job listings in the United States


New research conducted by Living Cozy, looked at the number of Indeed job listings compared to each city’s population size to indicate just how much work is available in each location.

You can view the research in full here: 

The 10 cities with the most job listings:

RankCityStateCity PopulationNumber of job listingsNumber of jobs per 1,000 people
7Las VegasNV651,31935,37954.32

Atlanta ranks first with 111.90 job listings per 1000 residents, Atlanta is the only city where the figure exceeds 100.

Tampa ranks second with 91.35 listings per 1000 residents followed by Miami with 81.36 listings per 1000 residents, indicating that the Southeastern corner of the US is a potential hotspot for job opportunities.

Further Insights:

  • The research also reveals the best US cities for renters, based on factors such as the cost of living, amount of green space and rent control legislation.
  • The city with the lowest average monthly rent is Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a two-bedroom property will set you back approximately $895. This is the only city where the average rent is below $1,000. 
  • Boston and San Francisco rank joint first as the cities with the greatest access to green space – with 100% of residents living within 10 minutes from their nearest park. 

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