Cobb County will pretreat bridges ahead of snow and ice

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Cobb County Department of Transportation crews loaded up spreaders and tested their inclement weather equipment today in preparation for possible wintry weather this weekend.

Weather forecasters say a mixture of ice and snow could impact Cobb starting early Sunday morning.

Crews plan on pretreating select bridges, overpasses, and known trouble spots across the county starting around 6 p.m. on Saturday.  DOT crews will man shifts around the clock into Monday to treat roads and respond to reports of trouble on hundreds of miles of thoroughfares.

The potential for ice, snow or a combination of both makes it a challenging situation to prepare for.  

“We wanted to make sure all the equipment is working and ready,” said Bill Limbaugh, a supervisor with Cobb DOT.  “After that, we just have to be prepared to deal with whatever comes our way.”

The potential of hazardous conditions lasting into Monday has impacted the planning for the distribution of COVID test kits. The county recently purchased more than 60-thousand kits to distribute to residents. There were some initial reports of a distribution event planned for Monday, Jan. 17.  But the weather threat has prompted Cobb County officials to postpone any public event until later in the week.

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