Hindsight: Most Popular Georgia News Stories of 2021


In a previous article we featured the most important news items of 2021 in Georgia. However, the most important stories aren’t always the most popular stories.

Often readers are drawn to the spectacular, the bizarre, or the things that they believe can’t or shouldn’t happen in their communities.

Below are the stories readers of The Georgia Sun were most drawn to this year.

#1 Body Wash Becomes Deadly

Hindsight: Most Popular Georgia News Stories of 2021

In March, a Clayton County man was arrested and charged with killing his own brother after a dispute over body wash.

According to the Clayton County Police Department, their investigation revealed it was a domestic violence dispute that turned deadly between brothers.

Detectives said the argument initially started because the victim accused the suspect, 24-year-old Jaylan Jones of throwing away his body wash. 

#2 Two Teens Shot to Death

The community of Wrightsville mourned the loss of two 18-year-olds in April.

Police responding to a call on Paul Lord Road, discovered 18-year-olds Destiny Hope Knight and Charles Jaylon Garrett dead from gunshot wounds.

In May, 22-year-old Payton Brinson was charged in their deaths.

#3 Snake Playing Possum Goes Viral

Hindsight: Most Popular Georgia News Stories of 2021

A video of a snake posted by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources racked up more than 35 million views, just in time for Halloween.

The video was of a native eastern hognose snake giving a rather common performance for the species, wherein the snake flares its neck and body by breathing in deeply and then expelling the air with an impressive hiss. If that doesn’t work, a hognose will forcefully roll onto its back and begin to writhe violently as if in terrible pain.

Afterwards, the snake will appear lifeless and limp, confident that all potential predators have decided on a different main course. 

You can watch the video here.

#4 Jailbreak

prison, prison cell, jail
Photo by Ichigo121212 on Pixabay

In November, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that five inmates escaped from the Pulaski County Jail.

All five men had violent criminal histories and two are charged with murder. The men were also reportedly in possession of two Tasers.

Within a matter of days, all five inmates were recaptured and locked up once again.

#5 17-year-old jailed

Hindsight: Most Popular Georgia News Stories of 2021

Reckless driving and racing landed a 17-year-old boy in jail after a fatal wreck that killed 17-year-old Jaden Robinson in Albany.

A 16-year old juvenile was also arrested and faced the same charges. He was driving the Nissan and 17-year old Jaden Robinson was the passenger who died. 

The juvenile driver was released to his parents.

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