Police: Georgia man killed his brother after argument over body wash

Police in Clayton County say an argument over body wash led to the shooting death of a man in Riverdale early Wednesday morning.

Clayton County Police Officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Roundtree Road in reference to a stabbing.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the 28-year-old victim dead from several gun shot wounds. Clayton County Detectives worked throughout the day and night interviewing and investigating all possible suspects and leads in this case.

According to the Clayton County Police Department, the investigation revealed it was a domestic violence dispute that turned deadly between brothers. Detectives say the argument initially started because the victim accused the suspect, 24-year-old Jaylan Jones of throwing away his body wash. 

Jones was interviewed by Clayton County Detectives. During the interview, detectives say Jones admitted that he argued and fought with the victim upstairs. A witness intervened and was able to break up the fight, but they started fighting once again.

Once separated the final time, the victim went downstairs and police say Jones told detectives he went to his room, retrieved his gun, went downstairs, and shot the victim multiple times.


  1. So, 🤔 now you will spend life in a cage, with only memories of any good times with your brother, and what it felt like to use body wash. They only have bars of generic soap in prison. I’ll pray for your soul and for your family.

  2. Sad, situation a man would kill his own flesh and blood over body wash. Pure ignorance, love should prevail. The one brother will have to face the music and think about what did behind bars.

  3. It gets no stupider than that. Body wash☹😲 now he’s gonna wash with state soap.. i hate to say this, we’re killing each other, over thee most stupidiest reasons. Another race kills us, and it maybe valid. We raise hell…we really need to check ourselves. Respect ourselves, so other races will.

  4. I know this altercation was much deeper than the body soap, it was built up animosity between brothers. So, sad and I hate to see this shit, but see it too much in the A. But the brothers I see stick together are doing waay much better.

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