Gwinnett County is opening a homeless shelter for women and children

City road person art
Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels

Gwinnett County’s first homeless shelter is set to officially open Tuesday.  HomeFirst Gwinnett: The Resting Spot will cater to women, moms and their children.

“Homelessness is a complex and tragic problem. Gwinnett County is fortunate to have a partner like HomeFirst Gwinnett on the frontlines addressing this issue,” said Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson. “In our County, and often out-of-sight, there are an estimated 8,000 to 10,0000 people experiencing homelessness. Using a holistic approach, the shelter will provide a stable place to stay and connect people experiencing homelessness with the resources and services they need to get back on their feet.”

In 2017, the average age of a homeless person in Gwinnett was just six years old.

The pandemic compounded many issues contributing to homelessness and housing insecurity. The Resting Spot will connect residents with a stable place to stay and provide resources and services to get back on their feet.

“I grew up in Gwinnett in County, so this project took on a very personal meaning to me, very quickly,” said HomeFirst Executive Director Matt Elder. “I know what the Gwinnett Standard means inherently. I know it means we must push boundaries, and it means we have to do something different and new. It’s about bringing the community together.”

At full capacity, the shelter will have a total of 20 beds. Guests will be able to stay up to 90 days and receive dedicated case management and future, housing assistance. Due to COVID-19 precautions, capacity is limited to two families and four single female adults.

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