Who pays the most taxes in Georgia?

As April 15 draws closer, taxes will be on everyone’s mind and millions of taxpayers in the Peach State will find out if they owe or if they get a refund.

A new study by SmartAsset finds the places in Georgia where people owe the most in taxes. This study analyzed IRS data to determine how much money was owed per taxpayer in each U.S. county.

The places with the largest tax amount owed were the places that ranked highest in the study.

In Georgia, Fulton County residents owed the most in taxes, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. What could come as a surprise is that Greene County residents owe the second highest amount in taxes.

The average amount of taxes owed in Fulton County was $8,721. The average for Greene County was $8,060.

Take a look at the table below for a look at the places where people owed the most taxes in Georgia:

RankCountyNumber of Taxpayers that Receive RefundsAverage Tax Amount RefundedNumber of Taxpayers that Owe TaxesAverage Tax Amount OwedTaxes Owed Index
1Fulton, GA329,190$3,617124,430$8,72126.11
2Greene, GA5,320$3,9402,270$8,06023.72
3Oconee, GA11,340$3,4805,280$7,44621.49
4Forsyth, GA67,420$3,01332,540$6,27517.25
5Fayette, GA35,890$3,27916,250$5,91815.95
6Decatur, GA8,660$3,2081,860$5,87615.80
7Thomas, GA14,220$3,1443,560$5,78815.48
8Glynn, GA26,940$3,0248,570$5,72415.25
9Morgan, GA6,110$2,8972,200$5,71415.21
10Chatham, GA95,710$2,88027,240$5,63514.93

Additional information on the study, including the methodology and interactive map, can be found here:  https://smartasset.com/taxes/tax-return-calculator#Georgia/taxOwed

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